Delivery of consolidated cargos

Our company works with a large number of customers, which ensures the rapid formation of the parcel of consolidated cargos, container filling and, as a result, the speedy delivery from China.

Any delivery of a small part of your cargo

We accept any products in a consolidated cargo. It can be machinery or auto parts, electronics and electrical goods, clothing and textiles, sports equipment and furniture, and much more!

Our offices and warehouses throughout China help us to provide customers a wide range of services for cargo delivery.

The advantages of delivery of consolidated cargos

Accessibility - optimal placement of goods in the container minimize the price of delivery.

Efficiency – well-established system provides a precise work at all stages of delivery.

Reliability - sea transportation is a proven and reliable way for delivery.

Flexibility - container holds any cargo weight from 20 kg to several tons

0.01 cubic meters The minimum
order amount
50% price savingBy delivery of
consolidated cargoes
From 40 ports Every week
departs a consolidated contain
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